Game dev post #2 – main project has been delayed

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything and that’s because I’ve been busy with not one, but two games! That’s right. After writting a marketting considerations post, on 11 July 2011 I’ve started working on a second game which is going to be free and this is the reason why main project will be delayed. Free project is based on the same mechanics but it’s a much simplier game – with less features. I’m planning on adding free updates in the future if players will like the project. This game is all about the score and competing who’s going to get most points. It also has achievements and will support both Game Center and Open Feint at launch date. It’s nearly finished, but it won’t be released after it’s done because as I said in the earlier post that this is going to be my marketting tool. It will be released at the same time as the main project, so it can promote it. I’ll try to establish user base and promote my other products inside this free game but it won’t have any other ads that could ruin the experience. Instead, marketting banners will be displayed only in the main menu, loading screen and pause menu. This is a part of my experiment on finding best ways to promote games in nowadays market. Hope it works. Until next time.

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