1st game soon to be released – it’ll be free!

On June 7th 2011 I wrote a blog post in which I’ve considered creating free game based on same game mechanics as my full feature product. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed it and now working on marketing materials in preparation for its release. I’ve completed that game more than 6 months ago (October 2011). All this time it was “laying” on my hard drive waiting for my main project to be completed. The plan was to release both games simultaneously, but I’ve decided to go on with my instincts and release it now. Thanks to this I’ll get a critical feedback from players knowing which pitfalls to avoid in my other game. Game will be free to download from the Apple® App Store as a universal app. It also supports latest iPad Retina displays. I’ll announce more details after it’s released. Stay tuned and watch this spot.

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