2P Games blog – what to expect?

Before I start writing next article I want to explain what 2P Games blog is going to be about. When I started preparing myself for a new business venture I tried to find something in the web on how other people have done this and how they’re holding up at the moment. I looked for articles where I could read about other indie game developers and their businesses. I’ve found some, but none of them described preparations and the process of opening the business. What went right and what went wrong, gotchas and pitfalls worth avoiding, market analysis, finances, how’s it going at the moment and what is planned for the future, game development progress etc. If I could find that kind of information in one place that would be fantastic – I thought, but it didn’t happen. I want to fix it. I want to give something to the indie games community and to all of you out there thinking about opening small businesses with idea to make games for a living.

In short: this blog is going to be about 2 things (nicely blended together):

1)      2P Games business – I’ll share everything I know, how I prepared for this new venture and inform about any gotchas/pitfalls worth avoiding basing it on my own past and current experiences. Julia will definitely add something as well. I think this information will be very useful to anyone thinking about starting their own small games development business.

2)      Game development – This is not a surprise, is it? I’ll share the news about games currently in development and their progress plus I’ll reveal how the game is performing in terms of sales after its release.

In the next article: how did it all begin.


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